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ESG Services

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ESG Services

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Short term

•    Facilitating workshops; brainstorming; strategy and tactics formulation
•    ESG Training for Equity, Debt, Value Creation, specific industries
•    Creation of a Fund Impact Strategy, ESG Strategy and ESG Policy
•    Designing and drafting of ESG road show / fundraising slides 
•    ESG contribution to the PPM and other investment readiness documentation


Medium Term

•    Creation of Social & Environmental Management System (SEMS) or a broader Impact Management System (IMS)
•    Conducting Investment ESG Due Diligence on all investment opportunities (which may include fatal flaw assessments, pipeline screening, environmental & social impact assessments)
•    Creating an Environmental & Social Management System (ESMS) for each portfolio company
•    Creating data collection mechanism for annual ESG reporting for Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
•    Rendering strategic communications support to companies that face bad press, public relations issues and other reputational threats
•    Assisting PCs with ESG reporting (to a greater or lesser extent, based on capacity of the PC)
•    Aligning ESG policy, systems and reporting with specific investor requirements


Long Term

•    Designing ESG value addition projects with PCs throughout the holding period
•    Assessing and creating valuations of ESG value added throughout the holding period, in preparation for exit
•    Contributing to final exit valuation / loan retirement negotiations from the perspective of ESG and Impact value added 

Our Projects

Solar Panels in Mountains
Green Energy Turbines

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Our Projects

•    Environmental & Social Management Systems (ESMS) 
•    ESG Strategy
•    ESG Policies & Procedures
•    Environmental and Social Action Plans (ESAP)
•    Social Impact Analysis
•    Social Return on Investment (SRoI)
•    Portfolio Reviews
•    Project design and management
•    Monitoring & Evaluation of development projects (design of Logical Frameworks and Theories of Change and monitoring projects against them)
•    Adherence to bilateral and multilateral aid agreements
•    USAID Project management and reporting
•    Quarterly investor reporting
•    Annual GRI Reporting (with external auditing by Deloitte)
•    ESG Training
•    Various types of social impact Research
•    Strategic Communications (Crisis communications; managing internal and external messaging; press releases; media relations)
•    ESG components of fundraising decks, road show materials and PPMs
•    Compliance and reporting against ESG components of investment agreements
•    Public Speaking on ESG, Impact Investing and the business case for Responsible Investment 
•    Fundraising materials for first Pakistani REIT
•    ESG diligence frameworks for North American debt providers and public lenders
•    ESG training for various levels of leaders and implementers

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