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Solutions to support and achieve your regional objectives.

  • Advisors
    As a trusted confidant to your client, we support you with the detailed analysis required when considering investment options or making recommendations regarding doing business in markets we cover. From due diligence support to portfolio allocation we provide clarity with a discrete approach.
  • Banks
    Altica is a trusted partner to local and international banks as a source of additional liquidity to the middle-market. We work with African banks to attract and screen quality businesses whilst mitigating risk within a transaction or across a loan book. Our holistic approach not only aims to reduce bad debt but can enhance revenue across treasury, credit, trade finance, corporate and private banking.
  • Corporations
    Altica helps local and multinational companies achieve their growth objectives. We provide flexible capital structures combined with oversight and support including financial, governance and risk management techniques. Multinationals benefit from our understanding of macro and micro factors that drive and affect profitability in Sub-Saharan Africa. We interact with Treasurers, Heads of CSR/Sustainability, CFOs, and CEOs to identify and execute opportunties.
  • Development Institutions
    We work with development institutions who support the building of businesses across Africa to create jobs and make a permanent difference to people's lives. We participate in knowledge sharing across sectors and markets with the aim of jointly championing initiatives ranging from economic diversification of commodity reliant economies, to fair trade for farmers and sustainable investing with long-term impact.
  • Entrepreneurs
    Altica is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and founders at different stages of growth. From identifying new markets to selecting the right capital structure, we see each business leader as an entrepreneur. Our teams support incubation initiatives, management buyouts, new market initiatives and more.
  • Family Offices and UHNW Individuals
    Altica works with family offices, qualified individuals and external asset managers to allocate and invest prudently across Sub-Saharan Africa. Manager and strategy selection is critical in the context of preserving wealth, generating attractive returns and impact investing.
  • Investment Managers
    Altica provides access to the African opportunity via carefully engineered public and private market credit strategies with a focus on mitigating downside risk. Our strategies not only aim to provide diversification in a wider portfolio but have a primary focus on capital preservation and generating attractive risk-adjusted returns over the credit cycle.
  • Pension Funds
    A strategic allocation to emerging markets is critical in a portfolio than has long term growth objectives with specific obligations to investors. Altica Partners provides pension fund managers with investible strategies that give access to Sub-Saharan Africa within a broader EM portfolio giving capital growth and diversification benefits with Impact and ESG considerations.
  • Sovereign Institutions
    Altica Partners works with sovereign institutions on issues ranging from budgeting and resource risk management to reserve management and initiatives spanning job creation, economic diversification and trade. We provide holistic solutions based on experience and best practice from policy through to implementation stages.
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