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ESG: Our Approach

How we manage and measure impact

Altica Credit

Risk Advisory

We allocate senior management responsibility to ensure that ESG issues are accounted for at each investment stage. Our procedures ensure that ESG risks and opportunities are identified, quantified, managed and monitored through the entire investment process. 

Environmental, social and business integrity issues are a key concern to financial institutions, corporate multinational, NGO and foundation investors into Africa.  Our Risk Advisory team works with clients to ensure that they have the right policies and procedures.

Across our businesses we ensure that:

  1. Teams are adequately trained on  ESG issues.

  2. There are sound and proportional process and procedures for the identification and mitigation of ESG risks.

  3. These processes are properly integrated into the operational and decision making culture of the business.

Our ESG principles and commitments

We are active investors and ESG considerations filter into our Private Credit deal origination, screening and due diligence processes.  Once an investment has been made, Altica will look to apply the below mentioned principles to a partner company's operational activities and continue to monitor compliance throughout the life of the investment.

In line with these commitments, Altica Partners will endeavour to:

  1. Comply with relevant regulations governing the protection of the environment, labour, occupational health and safety and business practices. We will strive to adhere to the highest applicable standards of best practice and promote acceptance and implementation of the ESG principles within the investment Industry.

  2. Incorporate ESG issues into our investment analysis and decision-making processes and manage ESG risks and opportunities following investment, by seeking appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest.

  3. Utilise the services of ESG experts, where appropriate, to assist with educating the team, developing and improving systems to integrate ESG into our investment-making decisions as well as measuring ESG performance over the life of our investments.

  4. Encourage the assignment of and accountability for ESG responsibilities to senior management at partner companies, where appropriate.

  5. Advocate for the establishment of appropriate ESG policies and practices for partner companies and the reporting on such matters.

  6. Review our ESG policy and its effectiveness and implementation annually and report on relevant findings and recommendations to the Board.

  7. Distribute Altica's ESG policy, and related material, to the Fund Management team and to the Executive management teams of partner companies.

  8. Undertake activities in line with applicable international standards and industry good practice;

  9. Meet the requirements of national legislation in all the countries in which Altica will invest and/or its partner companies operate;

  10. Foster values-driven ethical behaviour and good governance practices, informed by respect for human rights;

  11. Ensure social and environmental impacts are avoided or reduced as far as practicable;

  12. Communicate and work closely with partner companies to ensure their understanding and shared commitment to conformance with this policy;

  13. Implement all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of our  employees and promote the health and safety of contracted workers.

In terms of the SEMS framework and aligning with the Equator Principles, Altica Partners undertakes to:

  • Identify and assess social and environment impacts, both adverse and beneficial, in Altica Partners’ area of influence.

  • Avoid, or where avoidance is not possible, minimise, mitigate, or compensate for adverse impacts on workers, affected communities, and the environment.

  • Ensure that affected communities are appropriately engaged on issues that could potentially affect them.

  • Promote improved social and environment performance of companies through the effective use of management systems.

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