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COVID-19: Insights from our people
Crowd with Masks

Covid-19 will not spare African economies

Economic slowdown and default risks loom large across the continent

The fragility of healthcare systems across Africa has been driven home to me during conversations with healthcare professionals in my home country of Gambia. Pointing out that the country’s public hospitals possessed just two medical ventilators and 300 test kits.

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People, Planet and Profit

How a pandemic can make us better

Attendant to the global threat that COVID-19 presents to health and freedom of movement, has been a dramatic plummeting of global financial markets and hard-earned profits of individuals and companies. In the course of several weeks, we have all had to recalibrate our relationships 

Featured Insights
Featured Insights

Altica Credit


Private credit is a strategic, mainstream asset class in international portfolios. Its appeal centres around a constellation of desirable characteristics, including a yield premium, downside capital protection and lower duration sensitivity than competing credit sub-asset classes. Diversification into private credit can help optimise portfolio efficiency. 

Altica Fixed Income

Fixed Income

Resolving the Emerging Markets portfolio allocation conundrum 


Emerging markets are a heterogenous group of countries shaped by different characteristics. Yet EM practitioners have observed for some time that this reality continues to be under-appreciated by many investors. EM risk is frequently aggregated in a portfolio context; moreover, investors are structurally under-allocated to emerging economies. 

Altica Private Credit - Africa

Altica Credit

The Case for Private Credit in Africa

Africa Diversified Series

At the core of the African private debt opportunity is a fundamental demand/supply credit imbalance of c.USD140 billion. There is a shortage of adequate finance to mid-market corporate and financial institutions. SMEs are profoundly constrained in their ability to generate private sector growth and job creation. 

Africa Diversified

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School LIbrary

Ideas to drive long-term growth and enhance returns 

External Perspectives
African Fixed Income
African Private Credit 
Private Credit as an Asset Class
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